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Current Opportunities

Thriving Communities Grants 5 (accepting applications)
Topic: Enhancing Coastal Community Resilience and Well-being in the Gulf of Mexico Region
Grant Type: Research-Practice
Grant Process - 2 - Full Application Period
Grants of up to 36 months to support efforts in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico region that will 1) increase understanding of how community attributes and systems (e.g., social, health, economic, and/or environmental) interact and influence a community’s capacity to adapt and thrive, and 2) provide actionable information and strategies that can be used to implement policies and practices that enhance community resilience.

Understanding Gulf Ocean Systems Grants 1 (no longer accepting applications)
Topic: Studies and Observations to Inform the Loop Current Campaign
Grant Process - Review Period
Grants of up to 24 months to support activities that will supply new observations and analyses needed to improve understanding and prediction of the Loop Current System. This solicitation is the first of several funding opportunities for a research campaign outlined in the National Academies Report Understanding and Predicting the Gulf of Mexico Loop Current: Gaps and Recommendations, released in January 2018. This solicitation is focused on the near-term activities identified in the report that can either jumpstart or inform the design of the longer campaign.

Capacity Building Grants 2 (no longer accepting applications)
Topic: Advancing Scientific and Environmental Literacy in Children and Youth
Grant Type: Education
Grant Process - Review Period
Grants of up to 24 months to support efforts aimed at increasing the scientific and environmental literacy and problem-solving skills of children and youth by providing service-, project-, or problem- based learning opportunities on topics that are relevant to the GRP’s initiatives.

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